Welcome to Edalco 

Precision engineering since 1946

Edalco is a family business that has been active in precision engineering since 1946 when it was founded by Mr Berheim. In 1970 engineer Roland Zaugg took up the reins before passing them on to his son Yves, technician and current director, in 1981. Since then he has managed the business with a team of twelve. 

The Edalco range of machines is basically made up of state-of-the-art CNC machines and conventional machines of Swiss quality. At the last count it had a total of about thirty CNC machines.  

Edalco has developed its own brand Edalmatic. So, it owns its own products but also offers a subcontracting service

Edalco is represented in more than forty countries in Europe and beyond through partners and agents. They all have the same stock as the head office in Geneva so they can quickly meet any product requests. For any questions, advice or technical support, as well as training, Edalco is always happy to hear from its customers.


Rue de Savoie, in the vicinity of the Eaux-Vives railway station in Geneva. It was in this building that the Dufaux brothers built the aeroplane in which Armand Dufaux completed the first lengthwise crossing of Lake Geneva. That was in 1910. In 1946, Edalco, named after the founders of the business, began their activities there. The lease would last thirty-nine years.

In 1985, needing to expand, the business moved to modern premises located on an industrial estate.

At the time, the principal work was the research and realisation of any sort of technical construction, buying, selling and promotion of any patents or licences involved, export, import, sales and representation. That sums up one part of the entry in Geneva's business registry.

The firm went through a series of development phases, of which the main one, at the beginning, was the manufacture of petrol lighters and pocket sprays. This activity developed promisingly. The arrival of the gas lighter prompted the firm to move towards engineering and in particular towards subcontracting. Prominent firms located in Geneva, such as Hispano-Suiza, Hispano-Oerlikon, SIP, Tavaro, Kustner, CERN, SECHERON, etc. were and remain its customers.

In January 1970, the management bought Edalco while maintaining and expanding the options for working under contract. Significantly, it also started down a parallel path, the design of "EDALCO", "EDALMATIC" and "EDALTOUR" tapping and threading machines, displaying a level of technical and engineering prowess that was completely new and unheard of at the time.

In 1975, devices for chip breaking saw the light of day. These devices, named "ROTOCOUPE", were conceived and developed by Edalco as a result of their own experimentation, and work to a certain extent along the same lines as the basic method for cutting metal. These products were completely unheard of and revolutionary at the time of their design, and are always a success wherever they are used. They have a global patent and no competition.

Today our business has an ultramodern manufacturing plant that is constantly updated, guaranteeing high quality and speedy delivery of stock. It specialises in tapping machinery, but also produces turning equipment and tools as well as other specialist equipment.

From concept to finished product, our equipment are constantly checked using up-to-date methods!

That is why the leading motor manufacturers trust our products, using them on a daily basis in the production of their vehicles. They include Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen, as well as General Motors and Renault. Some of this machinery works day and night in the preparation of the amazing 12-cylinder engines made by Mercedes and BMW.

Ever valued Swiss quality will always be a feature of our products!